Your big event is right around the corner, and you are in the midst of choosing the most crucial piece of the puzzle - the one thing that can make or break the party - the music!

There is no denying that your event’s music can turn the night into a rousing success…or end up being a sour point in an otherwise memorable experience for you and your guests. 

The obvious solution for most people planning a wedding, sweet 16, bar/bat mitzvah, or any other important day is to hire a professional DJ.  It makes complete sense, since a DJ provides incredible musical flexibility, a hot club presentation, and affordability.

The other option would be to hire a band.  With a band, you’ll be able to capture the moment through live music, making the night an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.  The convenience of a DJ can never replace the magic that a live performance can create.  But how much will that cost?  For any reputable band, you’ll be paying thousands more than you’d be paying a DJ, and you’re at the mercy of their limited song repertoire.

So what’s the best solution?  Until now, there wasn’t one.  Introducing...DYAD.

Dyad is a drummer and guitarist combo that plays along with a DJ, creating the perfect blend of versatile grooves and live entertainment for your event.   With the DJ playing the latest in dance, hip-hop, and the classics, Dyad plays along with the music, supplying that crucial bridge between DJ and guests that only a live performance can replicate.  This isn’t your typical “latin percussionist along with the DJ for 10 minutes every hour” performance…this is a duo that will bring a non-stop passion and energy to a hot DJ set that will have your guests talking about your event for years.

Dyad can accompany your own DJ you’ve already hired…or come fully loaded with one of their affiliate DJ’s…all at an incredibly reasonable price. 

Want your night to be unforgettable?  Want to stand out?  Problem solved.

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"Charming and entertaining!" - Beth and Jonathan Elias, Bar Mitzvah parents